The US is preparing to deal with the Taliban’s possible attack on the withdrawal of force from Afghanistan

  Washington, April 30 (AP) The Pentagon is preparing to deal with US and coalition forces in the wake of fears that the Taliban may attack them during the withdrawal process. Under the February 2020 agreement between the administration of the Taliban and former US President Donald Trump, all US and other foreign forces are … Read more

Malaria Vaccine Confirm 75% Efficacy Rate: a blog around the malaria vaccine results, how it works, and why it becomes the future hope in eradicating the disease.

A major milestone in the development of a new malaria vaccine has been reached with today‚Äôs publication of results from a phase IIb trial showing that the vaccine is, as expected, highly effective at preventing infection. The global health community has been working towards a malaria vaccine for over 30 years and this is the … Read more

Minnesota legislators propose legislation to get rid of convicted protesters for food stamps, unemployment benefits, and other government programs

Bill also includes college loan grants, rent or mortgage assistance, and business grants Minnesota lawmakers want to deny convicted demonstrators access to government programs such as food stamps, student loans, and health care. Republican Senator David Osmic is the author of the law as he awaits a jury’s decision against former Minneapolis police officer Derek … Read more