The US is preparing to deal with the Taliban’s possible attack on the withdrawal of force from Afghanistan

  Washington, April 30 (AP) The Pentagon is preparing to deal with US and coalition forces in the wake of fears that the Taliban may attack them during the withdrawal process. Under the February 2020 agreement between the administration of the Taliban and former US President Donald Trump, all US and other foreign forces are … Read more

With immunizations open to 16-to 17-year-olds, secondary schools set up for business to offer the chances

As Covid-19 cases ascend among youngsters, some secondary schools are venturing up to become adolescent immunization destinations. Young people joined Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to get portions of the Pfizer Covid-19 antibody in Since all states have extended qualification for Covid-19 antibodies to anybody ages 16 and up, more seasoned young people are arranging for … Read more