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Coronavirus: US to help India supply oxygen, experts will send team

Oxygen Supply Chain In India: The American official said that India had helped us last year. Medical equipment was sent to America during the worst days of the epidemic for us. We are trying to help in the same way.

Washington: US (US) President Joe Biden’s Administration To Increase Oxygen Supply Chain To Save People’s Lives In India And The Civid-19 (Covid-19) Epidemic.

In The World By far The Worst Is working to launch a successful fight against the outbreak. An official of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) said this.

Corona cases are increasing continuously in India

In India, 3,86,452 new cases of Coronavirus were reported on Friday, which is the highest number of cases reported in a day so far. With this, the total cases of infection reached 1,87,62,976.

More than 31 lakh patients are being treated in the country. Due to the death of 3,498 people in one day, the number of dead people has reached 2,08,330.

Corona due to worsening conditions

Jeremy Konindick, senior advisor on the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Kovid-19 efforts, said, “This is obviously one of the worst Kovid-19 positions in the world.”

India needs oxygen and medicines – USAID

He made this statement when the Joe Biden administration sent medical equipment and life-saving oxygen gas to India from a military aircraft a day earlier.

After talks with Indian officials, Konindik said that there is a lot of pressure on hospitals, in such a situation, there is an urgent need for oxygen and medicines for treatment.

He said that there is also a need to increase medical oxygen supply. He said that this seems to be the biggest challenge so far. USAID is also working on sending a team of experts to India.

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