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James Corden has gone viral for explaining the European Super League to an American audience.

James Corden used his platform as host of The Late Late Show to passionately explain to American audiences why the European Super League (ESL) is terrible for football.

The English host-turned-host, who rose to prominence in 2007 after starring on hit sitcom Gavin & Stacy, spoke for six and a half minutes about how ESL would affect the sport.

Corden has been widely praised for echoing the thoughts of many football fans during his passionate performance.

Acknowledging that viewers, as well as the millions of people watching at home, may not be interested in this story, Corden said, “Now, without boring those of you who don’t care, it’s 100% of the people who participate in this story. . … number. In truth, all of this – by doing this gesture these teams, these owners – are killing, they are going to kill hundreds of other football teams that have competed with them and have competed with them many times over the years.

“Not to mention the fanbases of these teams and not to mention the fanbases of their teams, who are also devastated by this because they are not small teams.

 “This decision is monumental and I am deeply concerned about it.

“I am sorry that the owners of these teams displayed the worst greed I have ever seen in the sport.

“Many British football teams are over 100 years old. They were created by working-class people and designed for the communities in which they play. They’re not franchises, but these new billionaire owners over the last 10, 12, 15 years have bought all the best gear and slowly but surely pulled it out of the communities and foundations that that gear was built on. “

Corden continued, “They don’t care about anyone but themselves. Either way, I would say they despise the historical fans of every club. They want a closed store where the rich get richer.

“They don’t care if the teams are below them. They will take the money regardless of performance and success on the pitch. Too bad “.

Corden: dreams are shattered

He added: “The announcement by the 12 owners as to why they are doing it and why they have announced such a formidable plan for the season with seven more games is disgusting.

“In their statement, they mention the pandemic three times as the reason. A pandemic has been a disaster for British clubs and communities.

“It is difficult to express the confidence that these communities have in football, not only financially (which is a lot) but also that football is at the center of the hopes and dreams of the city. These dreams were shattered not only in Britain but across Europe.

“And the reason those dreams were shattered and rejected is that a bunch of billionaires might buy a bigger ship or a second ship.

“Football is a working-class game where anyone can beat anyone at their own pace, and that made it amazing. This is what made it the global force it is today.

Corden: It’s the end of our favorite sport.

Corden went on to speak about Leicester City’s success and said the owners of the 12 founding clubs of the European Super League wanted to prevent something like this from happening again in the future.

“They are not invited to be part of the rich kid’s clique because the rich teams have come together to try to prevent this feat from happening again, and it is not a sport,” he said. declared.

“If that happens, and unfortunately I believe it will, I don’t want to be too dramatic, but I think it’s the end of the sport we love. This is indeed the case.

“I think it’s going to happen and I don’t think we can do anything about it, but what we can do is remember the names of these owners. The owners of those teams who made those decisions. How they hid behind a devastating pandemic to announce it in their game of the season.

“They haven’t consulted any player or coach, they certainly haven’t consulted the fans of their teams. They bought the sport that many of us experience on Saturday at 3 pm. They took him away and are going to crush him without even thinking about the damage caused.

“Don’t forget the people who did it. They took something so pure and so beautiful, and they got to love and joy from it, and they did it for money.

“They did it for money, and it’s disgusting.”

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