McCarthy decides to condemn Waters for inciting “violence” which could cost him the presidency of Waters.

Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday said he would act to convict Democratic spokeswoman Maxine Waters (Calif.) Of alleged incitement to violence with comments, she made over the weekend.

This weekend in Minnesota, Maxine Waters broke the law by breaking the curfew and then provoking violence. Rising unrest has already led to violence against law enforcement, and their comments have deliberately fueled the fire, ”McCarthy said in a statement. “We have heard such blunt rhetoric from Waters before, and the US Congress must clearly and unequivocally condemn such behavior until more people are injured. But Pelosi’s spokesperson ignores Waters’ behavior. That is why I am presenting a resolution condemning the Representative for Waters for these dangerous comments, and I hope that all of my colleagues, Republicans, and Democrats, stand up for peace in the streets of America.

Under the rules of the Democratic House Committee, if Waters is censored, she will be removed from her post as Chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

Rule 25 statesL((Chairman of a standing, elected, ad hoc or mixed committee of Congress or its subcommittee which is condemned by a vote of the House of Representatives when the Democratic Party is the majority party in the House of Representatives, or which is recognized guilty of a felony which could be punished with two years or more in prison, he will cease to exercise the powers of chairman and not serve as chairman of any committee or subcommittee until the end of Congress.))

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