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Not a cook, nowadays boys want such a wife

With the changing times, men’s thinking about their spouse is changing. Now practical minds are more in his mind.

what kind of wife does a men want

Not a cook, nowadays boys want such a wife

In the past, the cooking of the girl was considered to be the basic and necessary quality for her marriage.

This question is still asked today. But in modern times, the thinking of boys about Humsafar is also changing. Now he does not want to make someone his wife just by looking at his mastery of cooking, but now other things seem to be more important for him.


Charm and love

You will find many such couples, among whom there is no love but they are playing the marriage or tied in this relationship because their family and society wanted it. However, according to a study done by researchers at the University of Iowa, today’s boys need a partner with whom they can feel mutual attraction and love.

Self-reliant and responsible

It is generally believed that after marriage, the wife and family have full responsibility of the husband as a man, but the boys of today do not accept this unilateral thinking. They want a partner who is self-reliant and can handle marriage and the responsibilities that come with it. By the way, according to the study, Modern Age Vimin also finds the highest quality in her partner whether she is able to bear the responsibility of home at par with them.

Financial strength

To manage the rising inflation and changing lifestyle, men want a wife who earns herself and does not have much dependence on him financially. They believe that in this way, they will be able to financially manage and save their married life, children, health and other things in a better way. On the other hand, it can become difficult for them to bear the burden of all this.

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Worried about parents

Amidst all these practical considerations, most of the boys want to make such a girl their life partner, who treats their parents with respect and care. In Modern Age, where other things dominate the emotions, men still seem to give much importance to this side. They want their life partner to take care of their parents like their parents too.

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But also want

According to the study, although the art of cooking and housekeeping for men is below economic self-sufficiency and other practical vaunts, it is also true that they want a girl who can take care of meals and family with them all. By the way, due to handling both at home and outside, today most of the working wives have started facing more problems like burnout, stress and many kinds of problems. This makes marriage an unhealthy relationship for them.

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