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Relationship Coach Trishla Dutt Reveals Some Dating Secrets


Actor Sanjay Dutt’s elder daughter Trishala Dutt may be far from Bollywood’s limelight but is quite active on social media. She often shares posts on Instagram. Now he organized a chat session on his Instagram. During this, he has revealed many secrets of mental health, his personal life. During the session, the fans ask him a lot of funny questions, which Trishala answered very frankly. One of the fans asked him a question of curiosity, ‘Just curious, which was your longest relationship, in which you have ever lived? And why did it end?

Responding to this, he wrote, ‘7 years … I will not go into more details about why that relationship ended. But let me tell you that we both wanted different things from life. So together, they decided. He was ready for life at that time, for which I was not ready. There were many differences between the two of us. Which came out during the time spending with us and we later decided to move aside. Which happens often. But today he is married and with his children. I always praise her. ‘


At the same time, a fan asked him about cheating. Has anyone cheated on you? Answering this question, Trishal wrote, “Yes.”

Please tell that Trishala Dutt is the daughter of Sanjay Dutt’s first wife Richa Sharma. In 1996, her mother Richa Sharma died of a tumor, after which she was raised by her maternal grandparents and lives with them in the US.

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