Weight loss: By drinking fennel and cumin water for a year, this mom reduced the weight to 19 Kg, shared a special diet plan.

36-year-old Anshika Gupta from Delhi is the mother of two children. He drank water of fennel and cumin for one year and was able to meet the target by reducing the weight of 19 kg.

Indian weight loss this mother lost 19 kilos in 1 year by drinking fennel and cumin water daily

Weight loss: By drinking fennel and cumin water for a year, this mom reduced the weight to 19 Kg, shared a special diet plan.

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Weight gain is very difficult to reduce. Especially if the weight has increased excessively after delivery, much effort has to be made to reduce it. 36-year-old Anshika Gupta, a homemaker and mother of two children, also suffered body shaming at one time. After delivery, the doctor advised them to weightloss. Taking this seriously, he decided to make himself fit.

With dedicated efforts and strong will, Anshika lost 19 kg in 12 months. Now Anshika wants to encourage all women towards fitness in their lives. His story is an inspiration to those who find it very difficult to fit into their busy routines. Read his weightloss story to find out how he did it.

Name- Anshika Gupta
Age – 36 years
Highest weight – 86 kg
Reduced weight – 19 kg

How many months did the weightloss take – 12 months

When the doctor himself advised to lose weight

Increasing light weight during pregnancy is natural. But Anshika had lost a lot of weight during this period. The turning point in his life came when the doctor himself advised him to lose weight. Due to the increased weight, they were more at risk of health problems like thyroid, BP, PCOD.

Weight loss from this diet plan

To lose weight, eat paratha, vegetable or two bread slices or two oats cheela in breakfast.
A bowl of lentils with vegetable curry or chapati
Avoid heavy miles at night. A few dry fruits with just a glass of milk are enough to control weight.
Pre-workout meal-
Fennel and cumin water. After this it is good to drink a cup of tea without sugar.
Post Workout Meal-
Black coffee, green tea or lemon-honey water.
Low calorie food
-Quinoa Salad, Poha, Cornflakes with Milk. All these foods are very beneficial for weight loss.

Despite dieting, weight is not decreasing, so consume cumin water in these 3 ways

Secret Workout

Anshika did not do any specific workouts for the weightloss. Workout plan in a simple way, which you can also do. He did brisk walk for one hour every day and gave 15 minutes to Yoga. According to Anshika, if you make fitness a part of your life, then nothing is impossible.

How were you inspired?

According to Anshika, fitness should be her priority in every woman’s life. I am married in a very traditional family, where life ends after marriage for women. But now it seems that every woman should break these norms and start second innings in her life.

Family is your priority, but like a strong root, a healthy woman can handle her family better.

This man of 102 kg reduced the weight of 35 Kg, without any supplement, he made a lean body.

What are the things faced in obesity?

Even slightly increased weight loses the glow of your face. You don’t feel comfortable on the skin, you start feeling tired all the time. Anshika says that the most problem came with clothes at this time. Had to think what to wear or not. But now I look beautiful in every outfit.

Lifestyle Secret

Anshika also made many lifestyle changes to lose weight. Like getting up early in the morning. Anshika explains that this is actually a time when the mind gets a lot of peace. Otherwise, I am busy with children and household chores throughout the day. In the case of Meals, little attention is also paid. I started having a heavy breakfast and completely avoided carbs at dinner. Now I have started to understand what to eat and what not to eat.

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